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The secret to being Fit over 40


What is it that you want to achieve?

Do you want to climb a mountain, run a marathon or simply fit in your clothes more comfortably ?
You might not know a single thing about getting your health in order. That’s okay. We’ve worked with many, many clients. The majority are over 40. We’ve seen every starting point you can imagine.

What we’ve noticed over the years is that the older you get, the more unique challenges you will face. We want to help you overcome these. Like we say down here: “It is never too late to become what you could have been !

Have you ever had the following cross your mind?

- I want to lead a healthier life, but don’t know what foods are
bad, good, and best.

- I want to look good no matter what my age is, but what
exercises will help me achieve this?

- The gym is intimidating, and I don’t want to be judged.

- I want to see my loved ones grow up, how can I be healthier for

- How can I exercise with an injury?

We all want to look good, be healthy, eat good food, and enjoy a long happy life. Those are all things people want no matter what their age. But you might have a very particular situation that needs special attention. These are the unique challenges we can help you with.


What is your GREATEST concern about your health ?

As we get older we suddenly start realising that we don’t get away with some of the stuff we did when we were younger.
The body simply becomes less forgiving and we start to feel the toll of the less healthy choices we made in the past. This could be an old injury we haven’t been taking care of, not paying enough attention to our posture at work, some bad food-choices or a neglected core.
It becomes clear that these little “things” can create big problems and greatly affect the way we experience life. The fun things we do as we get older, like playing with the kids or grand-kids, that amazing holiday to that country you always wanted to visit or even a simple home renovation become a lot less pleasant when you have a sore back or lack the energy to keep up.

Numerous studies show maintaining a steady exercise habit considerably slows the effects of aging. Nevermind just looking good. This is also about disease prevention, general body maintenance, and all around living longer to enjoy life and everyone you love.
And if that weren't enough reason to exercise, you will also sleep better, feel better overall, deal with stress better, have more energy and have a better outlook on life.

When you turn 40, you have to realize that your joints are also 40 years old, and you may need to modify your exercise intensity and routine in keeping with the physical, physiological and hormonal changes that have and are taking place.
One of the biggest problems of aging is the loss of muscle mass. This is the main reason why we gain on average 5 KG every decade after 40. Less muscle means that you burn less calories as well.
The normal reaction to this phenomenon is dieting, which leads to further muscle loss. For each pound of muscle we loose, your metabolism will slow down by about 40 calories a day.

By strength training, you add new muscle mass and increase cardiovascular endurance, both good things. But as mentioned before, you need to be aware of your joints and take things slow and easy.
An injury at forty will take much longer to heal than when you were twenty. And chances are that being unable to exercise will cause you to slide back into your old habits - which of course will lead to putting on weight and losing the firm body you have worked so hard for.
Would you like to feel stronger, healthier and younger?


What we can offer to you

Private and Group training sessions; whatever works best for your individual needs.

Flexible times; everyone’s schedules are different. We have options for even the busiest schedule

Training and Nutrition that gets results

Extensive experience training all age groups;
I have trained clients both young and old. If you are older, I have experience with clients who had these same challenges that come with age, and do everything I can to help you train through the injury or around it!